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Who We Are

Moss Scents UK is dedicated to bringing you the finest fragrances inspired by Top Designer brands. Founded by Paul and Laura Moss, our brand combines the beauty of natural scents with high-quality craftsmanship. We believe in the power of scents to transform spaces and uplift moods, making every moment special. All of our products are Parfums, which is the strongest scent available. Our products are by far the strongest and longest lasting, we use pure ouds and not watered down perfume

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Our Vision

At Moss scents UK, we aim to elevate your sensory experience with our exquisite range of products. Our team of scent enthusiasts ensures top-quality, luxury fragrances formulated with the best ingredients from around the world. We are committed to creating products that are not only pleasing but also sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

Our Commitment

We extract the finest ingredients and meticulously formulate our products to provide you with scents that last and invigorate. Unlike conventional alcohol-based perfumes, our formulations use Pure natural oils that offer lasting fragrance and a luxurious feel. We pride ourselves on quality and stand by our products with unwavering confidence.

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Our Products

Moss Scents UK offers a diverse range of eco-friendly, inspired Perfumes designed to enhance your living space.  Discover the perfect scent for your home and embrace the beauty of nature with Moss scents UK.